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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AZ Investment Mistakes - Property Showcase Series

Investors typically head into Arizona real estate investing with one of two objectives for their portfolio - rapid cash flow on the property via rent collection, or making profit via long-term appreciation when they eventually sell the home.

But regardless of their goal and level of experience with investing, one thing remains true. There are certain mistakes that severely hamper an investors ability to make a profit on the property, regardless of their objective.

With the new property showcase series on HomeLovers.com called "Real Estate Investing Mistakes: What Went Wrong," we will be taking a look at specific properties, and talking about what specific elements of the property cause it to be an investing mistake.

For example, the first property details why square footage makes a difference - not just in terms of the obvious - how much rent you can collect - but also the types of tenants it attracts, and how it fits into current Arizona market demand. The second property showcase will focus on the impact of location on appreciation, vacancies and more.

Please note that the AZ investment properties showcased are not purchased by the experts at HomeLovers. They are brought to us for property management after the purchase transaction. Many properties managed by HomeLovers are not properties we would have recommended for an investment portfolio.

If a property showcased is similar to an issue that YOU are struggling with for a property within your own investment portfolio, contact us for a free consultation on how we can get your investments back into the black.

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