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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AZ Investment Property Appreciation: How to Choose A Neighborhood

Many factors impact how profitable an investment property is, but nothing has a more significant hit to its long-term value than appreciation. It is the #1 way to build wealth within your portfolio.

Selecting the right neighborhood may sound simple, but experienced investors realize that it is critical to get it right. Treating this carelessly impacts the maximum rent you can get on the property, the type of tenant you are most likely to put IN the property, and appreciation. Phoenix neighborhoods can be particularly difficult, because there are pockets of good and bad all over the Valley.

Here are a few savvy tips on choosing the right neighborhood from Noel Pulanco, Realtor® and Sales Manager at HomeLovers, one of Arizona's fastest growing real estate investment and property management companies. Read this newest article on HomeLovers.com for expertise that is sure to make YOUR portfolio more profitable.