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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Investor Confidence Begins to Return to the Arizona Real Estate Market: Download HomeLovers 2010 State of the Industry Report

HomeLovers Arizona 2010 State of the Industry Report Now Available

Glendale, AZ, February 9, 2010HomeLovers, one of Arizona's fastest growing Arizona real estate investing and property management companies, today announced availability of its 2010 State of the Industry Report for Arizona Real Estate Investing, which outlines recent trends and takes a look at what lies ahead in 2010 for investors. The report also discusses how the investor of today is different than the investor demographics that lead to the buying frenzy of 2005 and subsequent market crash. The free report is available for download via an automated email response at investorinfo@homelovers.com.

The HomeLovers 2010 State of the Industry Report indicates that by mid 2009, real estate trends in Metropolitan Phoenix showed a marked upswing as investors begin to show confidence in a market recovery. Report participant Michael Orr of The Cromford Report notes that pending home sales in ARMLS (the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service) were at a record level for January, indicating an increase in demand with a sales price increase likely to follow. He further noted that buying for the lowest price ranges is cooling off but that buying in the $250,000 - $400,000 range is beginning to increase and showed substantial activity in fourth quarter.

Key Findings in the report include:

•  HomeLovers co-founders and Investing experts David Zundel and Michael Sargent expect a relatively flat market with a shallow upward trend, followed by a gradual return to historical appreciation rates through 2011 and 2012. While there may some swings in pricing, which is normal for a recovering market, there is unlikely to be another major drop and recovery will offset the damage.

•  With homes selling below construction costs, the coming recovery will bring highest returns to those who bought at the bottom of the market.

•  Investors should plan on holding property for a minimum of three-to-five years to leverage improving prices as the market recovers.

•  Short sale transactions are likely to increase over REOs, as banks realize they reduce the loss to the lender. Until the inventory of REO and short sale homes drop to a "normal" level, prices will be held artificially low; however, this investor windfall will fade as the surplus inventory is absorbed.

•  Cash buyers are likely to see the most success in purchasing short sale properties; investors relying on financing and minimal cash down are much less likely to close the sale.

•  Zundel notes that over 80% of the investment properties brought to HomeLovers to manage are homes that they would never have recommended to buyers as a good investment. Investors are making purchases based on price, when there are many other factors that impact whether an investment property is profitable.

•  Tenants are expecting a higher quality of rentals and investors are not doing enough to improve their properties. This has a significant impact on vacancy rates. Fresh paint and carpet cleaning is insufficient.

For more information regarding how to select the right foreclosure property in Arizona, common investor mistakes, tenant screening and more, please visit the articles page on http://www.homelovers.com/ or subscribe to the HomeLovers blog at http://www.arizona-investment-properties.com/.

About HomeLovers
Established in early 2008, HomeLovers is already one of Arizona's most rapidly growing home rental and property management companies. It was founded on the premise of creating a drastically improved property management agency model, including full disclosure of fees and anticipated costs in a market that is prone to "junk fees," unexpected costs and inexperienced agents that make it difficult to manage profitable real estate investment portfolios.

Because of its focus on the development of proprietary tools that assist investors with avoiding purchasing mistakes, maximizing return on their investments and attracting ideal, long-term tenants, HomeLovers was one of the first property management agencies to offer access to real-time online accounting, documentation and reporting.

Monday, January 18, 2010

NEW: AZ Investment Property Mistakes Series Goes Live

Click here to read the first article in our new investor mistake series - "Real Estate Investing Mistakes: What Went Wrong." The topic? Why square footage matters on a rental property.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AZ Investment Mistakes - Property Showcase Series

Investors typically head into Arizona real estate investing with one of two objectives for their portfolio - rapid cash flow on the property via rent collection, or making profit via long-term appreciation when they eventually sell the home.

But regardless of their goal and level of experience with investing, one thing remains true. There are certain mistakes that severely hamper an investors ability to make a profit on the property, regardless of their objective.

With the new property showcase series on HomeLovers.com called "Real Estate Investing Mistakes: What Went Wrong," we will be taking a look at specific properties, and talking about what specific elements of the property cause it to be an investing mistake.

For example, the first property details why square footage makes a difference - not just in terms of the obvious - how much rent you can collect - but also the types of tenants it attracts, and how it fits into current Arizona market demand. The second property showcase will focus on the impact of location on appreciation, vacancies and more.

Please note that the AZ investment properties showcased are not purchased by the experts at HomeLovers. They are brought to us for property management after the purchase transaction. Many properties managed by HomeLovers are not properties we would have recommended for an investment portfolio.

If a property showcased is similar to an issue that YOU are struggling with for a property within your own investment portfolio, contact us for a free consultation on how we can get your investments back into the black.

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