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Friday, July 3, 2009

HomeLovers Now On Trulia

When it comes to real estate advice, there is a lot of noise in the market place about grabbing up foreclosures. In all the excitement about "the next great deal", investors can't forget to educate themselves on the market at a deeper level.

HomeLovers is now on Trulia - answering Arizona investor questions, property management questions, and more.

Ask Us A Question
Want to hear about the Phoenix market, the nuances of how the economy is impacting rentals and vacancies? Don't hesitate to jump on Trulia (or post a comment on this blog) to get a dialogue going.

Be Trulia to yourself instead of impulsive - ask the right questions BEFORE you buy that potential investment property. We help far too many investors step out of poor choices, when a free consultation or dialogue on tools like Trulia before the purchase could have guided them into a great cash-flow opportunity from the beginning.

This week's activity on Trulia:

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